You Can Work As A Pokémon Consultant, As Long As You’ve Put 900+ Hours Into Every Game

If you’re a die-hard Pokemon fan looking to work in the gaming industry, Tencent just posted 19 new job postings to choose from. The catch? You need to have played at least 900 or more hours in every single Pokemon game. That’s just one of the wild requirements for the “Pokemon Consultant” position. Looks like all those hours trying to catch ’em all could pay off for one lucky applicant.

This news come to light via a translated Tencent Twitter post. Prospective applicants also have to know the history of Pokemon, have Master Ball ranking in Sword & Shield competitive, and watched over 500 episodes of the Pokemon anime. They clearly want candidates to have a thorough, and we mean thorough, background in all things related to our favorite Pocket Monsters.

The verification process for proving you have actually played 900 hours per game – especially in the older games such as Gold, Silver, and Crystal – will not be easy. Those games by now need new batteries. Even if you did hit the 900 hour mark, your progress is most likely wiped. Sure, one could emulate these titles but it’s highly unlikely that Tencent would take kindly to the use of roms on your resume.

Another question to ask before applying is whether that includes Pokemon spin off games as well, not just main series titles. If so, be prepared to play every single game with the word “Pokemon” in it, whether you like it or not. Oddly enough, Tencent took the listing for the consultant position down soon after the tweet caught attention. The other job offers are up, though, so you can still work on Pokemon if you have more common marketable skills like programming.

Tencent’s relationship to Pokemon is most known for it working with both Nintendo and The Pokemon Company on Pokemon Unite. The title will be a new Pokemon strategic 5v5 MOBA game heading to both Switch and mobile platforms.

The reception to Pokemon Unite’s announcement, was not exactly what Nintendo wanted with many left disappointed. Fans want a new main series title or a remake announcement such as Diamond and Pearl for Nintendo Switch. Whether they get one is really anybody’s guess at this point. The 25th anniversary of Pokemon’s launch in Japan is just around the corner and that means even more Pokemon news for a new year. Hopefully it’s news fans want to hear.

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