Your Aggressively Glitched Sims Won’t Be Getting Their Attitudes Adjusted Until December

While it is difficult to exactly dictate the traits of your Sim in The Sims 4, players have a major role in curating who their virtual people are. That's why Sims being overly aggressive out of nowhere is proving to be quite the problem, and Maxis has now revealed the issue won't be fixed until at least December.

A patch that was supposed to include a fix that would have calmed down Sims who have been flying off the handle for no reason was meant to go live last week. However, it was revealed by The Sims Direct (thanks, DualShockers) that the update isn't ready, and it has now been pushed until early December. “Our tuning fix for overly aggressive/mean Sims was intended to come out today however the fix will be delayed to early December,” the reveal reads.

The Sims 4 might be more than eight years old, but it hasn't been short of issues recently. The thing is, those issues usually make the game more amusing and entertaining. Everyone had a good laugh at the incestual problem Maxis had trouble eradicating, for example, as Sims from the same family were experiencing romantic feelings for one another.

Your Sims being unnecessarily angry and aggressive towards each other though is neither funny nor helpful. It has likely been getting in the way of virtual tasks people are trying to accomplish and may have even affected how some new players view the game. The Sims 4 went free-to-play last month which likely resulted in an influx of first-time players. Many of those new players might just think Sims are angry all the time.

The latest Sims game went free-to-play at the same time as Maxis and EA revealed it is working on what will likely become The Sims 5 in due course. Currently codenamed Project Rene, despite being in very early development, some players have already had the chance to playtest the game. Footage from that playtest has inevitably leaked, revealing neighborhoods and apartment interiors.

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