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Crafting Medicines and finding Formulas is a crucial part of Ys 8: Lacrimosa of Dana, allowing you to receive potent buffs, restore your health, and even increase your level, making seeking them out worth your time and effort if you want to survive the harshness of the Isle of Seiren.

Like most things in Lacrimosa of Dana, you will need to progress through the game to learn different Formulas to craft either Solid or Liquid Medicines. You can find Formulas by exploring the island, completing side quests, and working through the story. There are 25 Medicines for you to obtain in the game, all offering various effects that can give you a significant advantage in combat.

Liquid Medicines

Liquid Medicines primarily focus on restoring health to your party and filling your EXTRA Gauge. Whether you need to replenish someone's health or revive them, there will be a Liquid Medicine for most situations. Additionally, being able to fill your EXTRA Gauge faster than usual will give you a significant advantage in battles, primarily boss encounters, showcasing how crucial these can be.

However, in order to craft Liquid Medicines, you will need Empty Bottles, which can be hard to come by. You can obtain Empty Bottles by finding pre-made Liquid Medicines when exploring the island and consuming them, but you can also get them by doing side activities such as feeding fish to Shoebill, tackling Bulletin Board Quests, and much more. You can learn more about every type of Liquid Medicine below!

All Formulas you obtain via Bulletin Board Quests and chests must be returned to Kiergaard or Licht before you can craft them at the Clinic.

All Liquid Medicines

Heal PotionRestores 60 percent of HP.
  • Empty Bottle
  • Digitalis Leaf
  • Murky Mucus
Default Medicine
Full PotionRestores 100 percent of HP.
  • Empty Bottle
  • Rim Flower
  • Sparkling Mucus
Found in Titis Primeval Forest. You can use Archaeopteryx Wing to double jump over the pool of water at the start of the area to reach the chest, or you can make your way to the cliffside above the chest and drop onto it.
Revive MedicineRevives fallen teammate and restores 10 percent of HP.
  • Empty Bottle
  • Beautiful Flower
  • Sterile Mucus
Obtained when rescuing Sir Carland and Kiergaard in Chapter 2.
Moon TearsRevives fallen teammate and restores 50 percent of HP.
  • Empty Bottle
  • Moonlight Grass
  • Sparkling Mucus
Complete the Bulletin Board Quest "Moonlight Harvest."
Great Tree DropCleanses all Status Effects, revives fallen teammate and restores 100 percent of HP.
  • Empty Bottle
  • Great Tree Lumber
  • Ancient Mucus
Found in Archeozoic Chasm just after defeating the Sierracantos boss. When in the area with the vents, use the left one to reach the elevated area, fight through the enemies, and open the chest.
Impetuous WaterFills 50 percent of EXTRA Gauge.
  • Empty Bottle
  • Sparkling Mucus
  • Sparkling Leaf
Complete the Bulletin Board Quest "New Medicine."
Dynastic WaterRestores 100 percent of EXTRA Gauge.
  • Empty Bottle
  • Ancient Mucus
  • Ancient Flower
Complete the Bulletin Board Quest "Old Monolith."

Solid Medicines

Solid Medicines are slightly different from their Liquid Medicine counterpart, offering temporary and even permanent buffs to your Stats, cures to ailments, and additional EXP. There are 18 Solid Medicines in Ys 8, requiring a wide range of ingredients to make, with most requiring a Formula you will have to track down or earn to craft them.

Unlike Liquid Medicine, Solid Medicine does not require an Empty Bottle to make but will need more ingredients to produce as a result, which can be troublesome in the early goings of your adventure. Still, they offer excellent enhancements to you and your party members, making them essential to go out of your way to get, which you can learn how to do with the detailed chart below!

All Formulas you gather from chests, Bulletin Board Quests, Shoebill, and discovering Landmarks must be returned to Licht in Castaway Village before you can craft them. Licht is found during your progress through Chapter 2.

All Solid Medicines

AntidoteCures the effects of Poison.
  • x2 Small Leaf
  • x2 Light Bone
Obtained when rescuing Sir Carland and Kiergaard in Chapter 2.
Eye DropCleanses user of Darkness.
  • x2 Murky Mucus
  • x1 Flexible Branch
Found in the Eroded Valley, just beyond the Indigo Mineral Vein Landmark. Located in a chest beside the tree you can knock down to create a shortcut.
AntiparalyticRestores movement, curing the effects of Paralysis.
  • x2 Small Leaf
  • x2 Thin Hide
Unlocked after expanding the Clinic when you rescue Licht in Chapter 2.
Defrost MedicineWarms the user up, freeing them from the effects of Freeze.
  • x2 Beautiful Flower
  • x2 Thick Hide
Unlocked after expanding the Clinic when you rescue Licht in Chapter 2.
Burn MedicineExtinguishes the build-up fire damage taking, nullifying the Burn effect.
  • x2 Beautiful Flower
  • x2 Sturdy Bone
Unlocked after expanding the Clinic when you rescue Licht in Chapter 2.
HemostaticHeals wounds, curing the effects of Bleed.
  • x2 Sterile Mucus
  • x2 Sturdy Lumber
Found in Mt. Gendarme. After you exit the cave, head left and drop down onto the area below to find a chest that contains the Formula.
RemedyCleanses all ailments listed above.
  • x2 Moonlight Grass
  • x2 Rim Flower
Automatically becomes available at the Licht's Clinic later in the game.
Sweet RemedyGrants +100 EXP to the user.
  • x2 Bullfrodon Mucus
  • x4 Beautiful Flower
Complete the Bulletin Board Quest "Pirate Booty."
Bitter RemedyUser earns +1,000 EXP.
  • x2 Vivine Bitters
  • x4 Sparkling Leaf
Rewarded to you after feeding Shoebill 16 unique fish.
Hermit's RemedyReceive +10,000 EXP on use.
  • x8 Acidic Liquid
  • x4 Ancient Flower
Found in The Submerged Cemetery, on the far east end of the area, past the long hallway and the Soundless Hall Landmark.
Beastiary PotionObserve the current target's Item Drops and earn the following permanent buffs:

  • HP: +100
  • STR: +3
  • DEF: +3
  • N/A
Cannot be crafted, found in a chest in the Great River Valley.
Tempest ElixirRaises the user's level by one.
  • N/A
The Tempest Elixir cannot be crafted and can only be found in the Eroded Valley and the Silent Tower.
Strength ElixirPermanently increases STR by +3.
  • x3 Aura Grass
Obtained by finding all 24 Landmarks and reporting them to Austin in Castaway Village.
Defense ElixirAdds +3 to DEF permanently.
  • x3 Aura Grass
Found in the Archeozoic Chasm after defeating the Sierracantos boss. Proceed forward until you open the shortcut that loops to the beginning of the area, then continue onward until you reach a large room that splinters into others. Take the room on the right, defeat the enemy, and open the chest.
Life ElixirUser's max HP is raised by +100.
  • x3 Aura Grass
Found in Bolad Monastery after pulling the lever that allows you to head through the gate in the central area. The recipe will be in one of many chests in the room.
Spirit ElixirMax SP is increased by +10.
  • N/A
The Spirit Elixir cannot be crafted but is instead found via exploration, given as rewards for Raids, Map Completion, quests, and much more. You can also purchase them from Dina's Shop for x20 Underworld Bone and x20 Underworld Hide.
MedicineRestores 60 percent of HP.
  • N/A
Cannot be crafted, as it is only available during Dana's Era.
Full MedicineReplenishes 100 percent of the user's HP.
  • N/A
Only available during Dana's Era, meaning it cannot be crafted.

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