Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel: Every Structure Deck, Ranked

Released in January 2022, Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel is Konami's version of Magic: The Gathering Arena. Both games are free-to-play with in-app purchases and are available on every current system including both iOS and Android. As such, Master Duel is a perfect way to get into the series without spending money, and has a comprehensive yet short tutorial. Upon finishing it, you are granted a plethora of Gems, the in-game currency, along with the option of one of three Structure Decks. The other two will be unlockable through play.

These aren't the only Structure Decks available, though. Completing the Solo Mode allows more Structure Decks to be unlocked, bringing the total number available at the time of writing to 13 (including the unnamed base deck). While every deck can be edited to be successful as you gather more cards (some cards featured in the game are just hilarious), some Structure Decks are practically ready for competitive play immediately. Others, meanwhile, require more outside support in order to consistently win with them.

13 Starting Deck

This is the unnamed deck given to you in order to teach you the ropes of play. This deck doesn't have a central theme, instead having several mechanics folded into it. Sadly, it has a noticeable lack of extra Effects on most Monsters. While not a bad deck, it suffers from its lack of cohesion and instead focuses more on being beginner-friendly.

Even after successfully Summoning its best Monsters from the Extra Deck, such as Mighty Warrior or Kachi Kochi Dragon, this deck struggles to gain control of the Duel. Ideally, this deck should be dropped or edited as soon as the tutorial is completed.

12 Link Generation

One of the three free Structure Decks you have the option of choosing after finishing the tutorials, Link Generation is unfortunately the worst of the bunch. It has a decent amount of Monsters and some nice Effects, but suffers greatly from low attack power and a lack of options. Even its two most powerful cards, Decode Talker and Rasterliger, don't have more than 2300 attack on their own.

After playing the game and getting more cards, this deck can definitely be edited and given more purpose. However, it remains lackluster out of the box.

11 Power Of The Dragon

The second free Structure Deck offered upon completing the tutorial, Power of the Dragon is an offensive-based deck that takes advantage of both Normal and Fusion Monsters with high attack power. Getting King Dragun and Five-Headed Dragon out can create some powerful field setups and lead to victory by overwhelming opponents.

Fusion Summoning isn't the fastest Summoning method though, and this deck does include some high-level Monsters that can get stuck in your hand if luck isn't on your side. These issues can lead to frustrating losses as a result.

10 Synchro Unity

The final deck offered upon completion of the tutorial, Synchro Unity has lots of low-level Monsters, helpful Spell and Trap card support, and some solid options for Synchro Summoning. Unfortunately this deck only comes with a single copy of each Synchro Monster and three of the five Synchro Monsters offered in this deck require a specific Tuner Monster in order to summon them.

This deck needs a lot of improvement to see competitive play, but has a solid foundation. It even comes with several cards necessary for some incredible decks based on Synchro Summoning.

9 Being Who Sees The End Of The World

Available as a Solo Mission reward, this deck focuses on incredibly powerful Ritual Monsters with game-changing Effects. While this deck does come with several copies of its best cards, the amount of Ritual Monsters vastly outweighs the number of regular Monsters. Ritual Monsters are unique in that no matter the level, these Monsters require a Ritual Card in order to summon them.

This means that when the deck works, it works very well. More often than not, unfortunately, this causes the deck to be slow and hands to be drawn with no options.

8 Growing Digital Bug

Obtained after completing "Digital Bugs in Cyberspace," this deck focuses on Xyz Summoning and has a fantastic set of support cards that allow you to –if you'll pardon the pun– swarm the field with bug-like Monsters. While they don't have very high attack by themselves, these bugs can be used to Xyz Summon powerful Monsters with game-changing Effects.

What it lacks in attack power, this deck more than makes up for in Effects. It is a solid choice for those wondering where to start with a deck focused around Xyz Summoning.

7 Gem-Knights' Resolution

Gem-Knights' Resolution is a fast and easy-to-use Fusion deck containing Monsters with good Effects and good attack power. The only thing holding it back is the fact that there are so many more Gem-Knight cards not included in the deck. The deck is strong on its own, but could become much faster and more consistent with a few minor tweaks.

The nice thing about this deck is that it's a strong foundation towards a full-fledged Gem-Knight themed deck, and it comes with multiple copies of each main card. A lack of overall support cards is this deck's only major flaw. It can only take you so far before editing is needed.

6 Emergence Of The Monarchs

This deck focuses on Tribute Summoning Monsters with incredible Effects. One of the earliest Structure Decks available to earn in solo mode, Emergence of the Monarchs is hard to stop once it gets going. The Effects of the Monarchs are very strong indeed, with a focus on clearing the field. Using the two Effect Monsters that can be Summoned without Tributing can lead to some incredible combos that are difficult for many opponents to overcome.

This deck does occasionally have an issue with filling the hand with Monsters that can't be Summoned, but the support cards included in the deck make sure players aren't stuck for too long. Those formidable Monarchs can be deadly.

5 Rage Of Cipher

Another of the decks available for purchase in the store, this one takes the concept of Dragon Monsters with huge attack power and adds Xyz Summoning to it. These Dragons have powerful Effects and huge Attack powers, a pain for anyone to go up against. Since this deck is available in the shop, though, it comes with only a single copy of its best cards (since you are allowed to buy up to three copies of each Structure Deck in the shop).

This stunningly good deck is held back by its lack of extra cards, but is still great for anyone, beginner or veteran of the game.

4 Re-Contract Universe

Available for purchase in the store, Re-Contract Universe focuses on XYZ Summoning and supporting Monsters of the Utopia archetype. These Utopia cards and the cards that support it are incredibly powerful and terribly hard to get rid of, but this deck suffers from only having one of each important card.

Fortunately, the deck is incredibly fast-paced and allows you to easily get out its main attackers, Ultimate Leo Utopia Ray and Ultimate Dragonic Utopia Ray. If opponents can clear out Utopia before any combos can completely go off though, this deck doesn't have many options available to win after that.

3 Roar Of The Gladiator Beasts

Focused on Fusion Summoning, this deck is relentless. It focuses on low level Monsters with formidable Attack power, and even has plenty of support cards in the deck. On top of that, because this deck is available through solo mode, it contains multiple copies of each important card right away. This deck's Fusion Monsters even have a unique Summoning mechanic that lets them Fusion Summon without the use of an extra card like Polymerization.

This deck can, of course, improve with some extra support and editing, but it's immediately powerful right away and worth the work it takes to get it.

2 Magician Of Pendulum

The last of the decks available for purchase in the shop, Magician of Pendulum uses Pendulum Summoning to overwhelm the opponent. It includes plenty of high-Attack Monsters and Effects that can recycle destroyed Pendulum Monsters to the hand or deck. While this deck does suffer from only having one of its important cards (like the other shop decks), the ability to consistently recycle destroyed Monsters and overwhelm opponents easily make it the best of the decks available in the shop.

The only real hurdle for this deck is getting used to how Pendulum Summoning works, but once you understand that, you'll be able to crush opponents with ease.

1 Heir To The Shiranui-Style

This deck uses Synchro Summoning to create an overwhelming control of the battlefield. It can consistently fill the field with Monsters and bring out its strongest Synchro Monsters with ease. Even when Monsters are sent to the Graveyard, there are plenty of Effects that can activate and banish them leading to even more plays. On top of this, the deck even has cards that take its banished Monsters and put them back in the deck, meaning it can constantly recycle cards.

Available from Solo Mode, this deck comes with all the cards needed to win, and you will have no trouble consistently coming out on top in games.

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