Zaccaria Pinball Tables Coming To AtGames’ Legends Arcade Lineup

AtGames is partnering with Magic Pixel Kft. to bring Zaccaria pinball tables to the Legends Arcade family of products. Zaccaria’s lineup includes a massive collection of licensed tables, including plenty of retro classics across a variety of genres and play styles.

The pinball games will be playable on the entire Legends Arcade lineup – from the full-sized Legends Ultimate to the pinball-specific Legends Pinball, which includes a real spring-loaded plunger. All the tables will be fully integrated with the AtGames Leagues Leaderboards, allowing players to compete for high scores around the globe.

General availability of the pinball tables is yet to be announced.

AtGames already has a robust lineup of pinball games, thanks to the 22 Gottlieb tables currently available on the platform. Those tables run in 1080p at 60fps on the Legends Pinball cabinet, while clocking in at a minimum of 720p and 30fps on other products in the Legends lineup. The same will hold true for the Zaccaria tables, which will be ported using the same process.

Earlier this year we had the chance to review the Legends Ultimate arcade cabinet and found it to be one of the best full-featured arcade cabinets on the market. Boasting a vivid monitor, excellent speakers, and a premium control panel with various input methods, the Legends Ultimate lets you experience games the way they were meant to be played. And while these new pinball titles are best played on Legends Pinball, it’s great to know they’ll be available on all products in the family.

The Legends Arcade family of products are now available at various retailers.

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