Zombie Army 4: Dead War Shows Off Gruesome New Gameplay

Zombie Army 4: Dead War is poised over the February releases, ready to fire. With just a few weeks to go, Rebellion has shared six minutes of footage breaking down the zombie horde’s worth of content on offer.

The brunt of the trailer focuses on the game’s 4-player co-op campaign, which takes place in 1940’s Italy and a smattering of other European countries. After Hitler’s defeat and subsequent casting into hell, his legion of undead menaces still ravage the world. This includes not only mindless hordes of shambling corpses, but heavies with high-tech weaponry, precise undead snipers, and zombie sharks (!).

Players will have access to a meaty co-op campaign, which is becoming an increasing rarity in this day and age. It looks suitably bonkers and full of the dreary, gruesome setpieces that are befitting of a zombie game. From the looks of things, it seems like the Zombie Army spin-off series is moving further away from the stealth gameplay found in the mainline Sniper Elite series – although the video does assure us that we can still, in fact, snipe Nazi testicles into bloody chunks. Charming and patriotic!

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Speaking of weaponry, Zombie Army 4 looks like it’ll give players whatever kind of weapons they want. Shotguns, hand cannons, LMGs, and (naturally) sniper rifles. There are also some cool melee options, including an electric attack that straight-up yeets zombies across the screen. Good stuff!

The trailer also shows off a horde mode, which looks to be a real blast for people craving the kind of endless zombie carnage that comes with that sort of territory.

All in all, Zombie Army 4: Dead War is shaping up to be a full-featured package. There aren’t enough co-op focused narrative games coming out these days, and there aren’t enough games willing to be unrepentant in their commitment to blood, guts, and miscellaneous viscera. This looks to tick both those boxes, and then some. Hopefully, it shapes up to be one of the better co-op offerings this year.

Plus, Nazi zombie sharks. C’mon. You can’t go wrong with that.

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