A game that fulfills the ultimate fantasy of saying no to everything

I have a very bad habit: saying yes when I really want to say no. It comes with being an introvert, I think — I often feel like I should want to say yes to social outings, so I do. Then I regret it. A lot of people have this habit, it seems; there are plenty of guides on the internet on how to say no.

Say No! More is not guide to saying no. Instead, it’s a challenge and a fantasy — a game by developer Studio Fizbin that lets you say no to anything and everything. In Say No! More, you play as an intern at “a company run by arrogant people,” and the word “No” has been banished.

You find a self-help tape called Say No! More, and the rest is history: No, I won’t make your coffee! No, I won’t copy those papers. No, I won’t stop running. No! No! NO! It’s a “one-button” game, apparently, and it leads into a more complicated decision: Saying no to your best friend.

Studio Fizbin released a trailer with the announcement, and it’s definitely got an Untitled Goose Game feel. This may also be a power fantasy where you’re able to cause trouble, except instead of a honk, you’ve got a big ‘ol no.

Say No! More will come to Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, and iOS devices in 2020.

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