Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch Controllers Are Available To Pre-Order

I’m pretty sure that when Animal Crossing: New Horizons comes on Switch March 20, it’s going to take over my life. The enticing pull of building up a town and the Switch’s portability are a downright mean combo, but a pair of new Animal Crossing-themed Nintendo Switch controllers might tempt me to play the game on a TV. Pre-orders are now live over at Amazon, and I absolutely must have them.

Designed by third-party manufacturer Power A, the controllers release March 10 for $50 each. The first design is green with a New Leaf logo pattern and a Timmy and Tommy Nook graphic on the right handle.

The second design has a more varied pattern–fish, butterflies, fruit, etc.–and everyone’s favorite musician K.K. Slider on the right handle. Both controllers have the Animal Crossing logo emblazoned above the start and home buttons.

We’ve tested out multiple PowerA Switch controllers in the past and found them to be a great third-party option; they even made our list of the best Nintendo Switch accessories.

The controllers mimic the layout of the Pro controller, but they aren’t exactly the same when it comes to features. Power A controllers require AA batteries and last roughly 30 hours before you need to pop new ones in. They also lack the Pro controller’s rumble feature and NFC functionality for Amiibo. If you can get past those concessions, Power A controllers have an awesome bonus feature: two additional triggers on the back that can be mapped to your liking with a programmable button.

These controllers aren’t the first themed offerings from Power A. The accessory manufacturer has made designs based on a number of popular franchises, including Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Spyro, and Pokemon. A Doom Eternal design is also up for pre-order and releases alongside the Animal Crossing controllers on March 10.

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