Animal Crossing Themed Switch Console And Carry Case Are Coming

Animal Crossing: New Horizons releases for Switch on March 20, and if you’re looking to grab a Switch specifically for it, you’re in luck. Nintendo has announced a new Animal Crossing themed Switch, which will feature custom Joy-Cons, a uniquely colored and textured Switch unit, and the best official dock we’ve seen yet.

The Animal Crossing Switch will be available on March 13, which is a week before the game’s launch. It’s probably the best limited edition Switch we’ve seen so far.

The dock features Tom Nook and his nephews, and it’s very cute. It’s unclear whether the dock or Joy-Cons will be sold seperately.

The images we’ve seen of the Switch also confirm that it’s the new model with better battery life, as it sports the HAC-001(01) serial number. That means you’ll be able to explore your Animal Crossing island on the go for longer.

A unique carry case and screen protector are also coming, for those of us who can’t bring ourselves to buy a whole new Switch.

The console will retail for $300, which is the standard price of the system–the game is not included with it.

If you’re excited for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, check out our preorder guide to make sure you get the best deal on day one.

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