Another Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update Is Coming This November

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ fall update finally arrives next week, on September 30, but there’s more new content on the way to the game this season. Nintendo has confirmed that another Animal Crossing update is coming in late November, and it looks like it’ll add two more big seasonal events.

While Nintendo didn’t share any further details about the November update, the announcement was accompanied by images of Franklin the turkey and Jingle the reindeer. The former hosts the series’ Harvest Festival (Thanksgiving) event, while the latter appears during Toy Day (Christmas), so it looks like both holidays are coming as part of the November update.

Nintendo hasn’t yet explained how the Harvest Festival or Toy Day events will work in New Horizons, but in the series’ previous installment, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Franklin would send you around to other villagers to gather ingredients for dishes he’s preparing. Toy Day was even more involved. All December, you would need to speak to villagers and make note of what they’re hoping to receive on Toy Day. Then, on December 24, you would need to dress as Santa and deliver the right presents to each villager.

In the meantime, next week’s update will add Halloween, along with related DIY recipes and other content. All month long, you’ll be able to purchase candy at Nook’s Cranny, as well as pumpkin starts that you can plant and grow. These pumpkins can then be used to craft Halloween-themed decorations and other items from new DIY recipes.

Beyond that, next week’s update will also make it much easier to revisit dreams. Dream islands that you’ve previously visited will appear as part of a list, so you’ll no longer need to re-enter their Dream Address each time you want to return. Nintendo will also roll out an update for the NookLink function in early October that will let you use reactions right from the smartphone app.

In addition to the next update, Animal Crossing Amiibo cards are also returning this November. Series 1 through 4 of the Amiibo cards will be available again at retailers. Each pack will cost $6 USD and includes six cards. You can use these cards to invite villagers to live on your island or take photos of them in the game’s Photopia mode. The long sold-out Animal Crossing-edition Switch console is also returning to select stores.

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