Apex Legends Season 6: Here's What Time It Starts

Developer Respawn Entertainment has already shared the announcement trailer for Apex Legends Season 6, and the studio has shown some gameplay of Boosted, as the new season is called. We also know exactly what time Season 6 begins, and it’s just hours away–although those in North America will need to stay up late to get right in on the action.

The Season 6: Boosted gameplay trailer was uploaded to the official Apex Legends YouTube channel, and it shows off new characters and weapons. Apex Season 6 begins on August 17 at 10 PM PT (August 18 at 1 AM ET / 6 AM BST). In addition to a new Battle Pass that features legendary skins and the brand-new Holo-Sprays, Season 6 introduces a crafting mechanic, the Volt SMG, and a brand-new ranked season. There are also changes coming to the World’s Edge map, including new drop points and the removal of the train.


The new crafting system is accessed via a replicator found on the map, and you can use “extracted materials” to create weapons, hop-ups, ammo, health kits, and other items. It appears that some of these items will always be available to craft, while others rotate on a fixed schedule.

Apex Season 6 Start Time

  • August 17, 10 PM PT
  • August 18, 1 AM ET
  • August 18, 6 AM BST
  • August 18, 3 PM AET

Battle Pass Trailer

Respawn has also published a Season 6 battle pass trailer, which you can watch below. In addition to the new skins, music packs, loading screens, banners, gun charms, skydive emotes, and other cosmetics you’d expect, there’s also a new type of item being introduced called holo sprays. They’re essential small holograms you can deploy on the map to show off.

Apart from confirmation of the new Battle Pass and various other features, Respawn also announced that the storytelling in Season 6 “may be a little bit different” from Season 5: Fortune’s Favor.

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