Claim A Free Pokemon For Sword And Shield This Weekend

Pokemon Sword and Shield players will be able to claim another free Pokemon very soon. The Pokemon Company has announced it is distributing a download code for a free Porygon2 during this weekend’s Pokemon Players Cup finals, which is scheduled to kick off at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET this Saturday, August 22.

At various points throughout the competition, The Pokemon Company will share a password that can be redeemed within Sword and Shield for the aforementioned Porygon2. Once the password has been revealed, you’ll need to fire up your copy and follow these steps to claim the Pokemon:

  • Open the menu and select Mystery Gift
  • Select Get a Mystery Gift
  • Select Get Gift with Code/Password
  • Connect online and input the password when prompted

The Pokemon Company says this particular Porygon2 comes “battle-ready” and has strategies revolving around Trick Room, a move that causes slower Pokemon to act before faster ones for five turns. The Pokemon Players Cup finals will be streamed on August 22 and 23, starting at 11 AM PT each day. You can watch the competition on Twitch and read more details about the giveaway on the official Pokemon website.

In other Pokemon news, another Max Raid event is currently underway in Sword and Shield. Until August 31, Ground and Water Pokemon like Quagsire, Gastrodon, Milotic, and Hippowdon are appearing more frequently in Max Raid dens, as are the Gigantamax versions of Drednaw and Sandaconda. Pokemon Home also recently received a new update on mobile that made various quality-of-life improvements to the app.

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