Doom Eternal Story Trailer Has The Old Ultra-Violence

Doom Eternal is inching closer, and a new trailer from Id Software gives us another heaping helping of hellish carnage. This one is billed as a story trailer, but this being Doom, most of the story revolves around characters like Samuel Hayden and the denizens of hell talking down to the Doom Slayer. Which seems like a mistake.

Sure enough, the vast majority of the trailer shows the Slayer ripping his way through Hell, sometimes literally. In the process he encounters a demon who calls him a usurper, equips a glowing sword, and just generally leaps and bounds his way around some nightmarish beasts who just realized they’re having a very bad day.

Doom Eternal had been delayed to March 20, 2020 late last year, to give the development team extra time for polish and finishing. The Invasion multiplayer mode is still planned to be added sometime after launch, and the Nintendo Switch version of Doom Eternal will be following after PC, PS4, and Xbox One. A Google Stadia release is planned as well. Doom 64 is being offered as a pre-order bonus, and will also hit on March 20.

Meanwhile, Dave and James Franco are producing a pilot for a Doom TV show, ordered by the USA network. Doom has had a shaky history in Hollywood adaptations, most recently with the campy Doom Annihilation–which Bethesda and parent company ZeniMax were quick to note they were not involved with.

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