Fire Emblem hacker shows off tea time with Death Knight

Tea Time is one of Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ best features, but you can’t pour a cup with just anyone. It makes sense, for instance, that a major villain probably wouldn’t sit down with you and chat about the finer things in life.

Unless, of course, you hack the game.

While player DeathChaos doesn’t share how they accomplished the feat shown above, we do know that Nintendo Switch has an active hacking scene that makes game modification possible. In this case, the player pulls in various characters who aren’t normally available for tea time, and, while fully-written dialogue isn’t available, conversation choices are still intact.

Hilariously, Death Knight is amenable to topics including equipment upkeep, evaluating allies, and gratitude. Death Knight hates it when you nod, though — but then again, most people in the game do.

Yes, the player does ‘observe’ the Death Knight after getting a perfect tea time, though the camera doesn’t seem built for such an enormous character.

DeathChaos also invites herself (Byleth), Sothis, and Jeralt for tea parties. I was surprised to find that Byleth doesn’t like cats, which seems like a lie to me, given how much time I spend with them in-game.

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