Fire Emblem: Three Houses Fan-Made Demake Is Certainly Impressive

Back in December of last year, YouTube channel Vilibear uploaded a video that reimagined the prologue of Fire Emblem: Three Houses in the style of a Game Boy Advance title. If that 13-minute snippet wasn’t already impressive enough, the dev team has now evolved the demake into a fully-fledged project, with plans to recreate the entire Nintendo Switch game as a faux-GBA title.

“That prologue video on YouTube was supposed to stay a one-shot,” said a sprite version of protagonist Byleth in the dev team’s Christmas update message. “It’s honestly amazing that so many people are willing to help out and are interested in seeing something like this come to fruition.”

Considering Three Houses’ massive scope and multiple story routes, the dev team has wisely decided to focus on only recreating the Blue Lions route because it’s the “most self-contained story.” The latest video shows off the team’s recent progress with a GBA version of the main theme, along with more gameplay footage. Past videos include a complete chapter one mock battle and the continued progress of Garreg Mach.

The team is currently midway through chapter five according to the project’s progress log, but is running a little behind on character portraits and is in need of more animators.

There are currently no plans to publicly release a ROM of the demake until the project is completely finished, but the team is considering making a demo of everything before the big time skip. The team is running a Discord server with frequent progress updates if you want to keep up with the project.

In more official Fire Emblem: Three Houses news, the latest story DLC, The Cindered Shadows, releases on Thursday, February 13. The newest expansion focuses on a band of outcast basement-dwellers who consider themselves the unofficial fourth house, and we’ve got you covered with all the information on how you’ll be able to recruit the brand new Ashen Wolves.

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