Hotline Miami Collection launching today on Nintendo Switch

Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, the fast-paced top-down shooters from Dennaton Games, are being released together Monday, Aug. 19, on Nintendo Switch, publisher Devolver Digital announced during Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase ahead of Gamescom.

The bundle of the two games, known as Hotline Miami Collection, is available in the Nintendo Switch eShop for $24.99. The same package is currently being sold on PlayStation 4 (including PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions via cross-buy) for $19.99.

Hotline Miami debuted in October 2012 on Windows PC, and its sequel followed in March 2015. Both games were eventually ported to a variety of computer, console, and handheld platforms. However, this is the first time that either of the Hotline Miami titles will be available on a Nintendo system.

It’s worth noting that although the franchise revels in ultraviolent twitch action, there isn’t a single bullet fired or drop of blood seen in the announcement trailer for the Switch version of Hotline Miami Collection — it’s all about ratcheting up the tension rather than releasing it.

Update: Hotline Miami Collection is now available for purchase in the Switch eShop. We’ve edited the article to reflect this.

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