New Nintendo Switch update makes screenshot sharing less of a pain

A new Nintendo Switch update rolled out on Nov. 30 with some small changes — but most importantly, Switch owners can now transfer screenshots wirelessly via their smart devices. Previously, sharing screenshots on the Switch meant removing the memory stick or uploading images on Twitter or Facebook. Additionally, users can use a USB cable to transfer screenshots to a computer.

The software update also included 12 new user icons, a trending feature that displays what your friends are playing, and the addition of Nintendo Switch Online to the home page menu. Brazilian Portuguese was also added as a language. Nintendo also rolled out a new feature that automatically downloads backed up save data was added to the Save Data Cloud, as well as the ability to name preset button mapping.

The full change log is available on Nintendo’s website. The software update should automatically download next time you boot up your Switch, but if it does not you can manually update from System Settings if necessary.

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