New Smash Fighter Steve's Victory Screen Is…Unintentionally Suggestive

Minecraft’s Steve is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s latest fighter, and while voxel fans are ecstatic about his inclusion, one aspect of his presentation is receiving the bad kind of attention. As noticed by several players, one of Steve’s victory poses has a strong resemblance to…well, the image speaks for itself.

While it’s nice to see that Steve is excited about his win, he might be a bit too excited. The fact that it’s a literal piece of meat makes the situation even worse, or perhaps better, depending on your perspective. To be clear, Steve has two other victory screens that are a bit less suggestive, so at least you won’t be seeing it every time you triumph over a gaggle of Fire Emblem characters.

Steve was added to the game in a recent patch, along with his accompanying Minecraft World stage. The update also made major adjustments to several characters, including Ice Climbers, Lucario, and Bowser Jr. Unfortunately for online players, however, they also buffed Ness and Sonic. Good luck punishing your laggy opponents now.

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