No Straight Roads Shows Switch-Exclusive Features In New Trailer

When No Straight Roads launches on August 25, Switch owners will get a few extra features in their version of the musical adventure game. These include expanded co-op and control options, as shown off in the new trailer below.

While the game will have two-player couch co-op on the other systems, a third player can get involved on Switch. Thanks to the Switch-exclusive Assist Mode, which lets a player control Elliegator (an alligator assistant who can pick up items and assist in battle), up to three players can play together on the same system.

The Switch will also support touchscreen controls, as well as playing with a single Joy-Con or the Pro Controller. If you prefer playing on touch screens, it’s a nice bonus.

The trailer, below, is our first look at how the game runs on Switch, so it’s worth a look if you’re curious about this version.

While the digital version of No Straight Roads will arrive on Switch at the same time as the other versions, its physical release is delayed slightly–you’ll have to wait until September 15 if you want the game in a box.

For more on the game, check out these 20 minutes of gameplay footage.

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