Pokemon: Sobble Evolution Inteleon Is Getting A Sniper Rifle, And The Internet Is Having Fun With It

The latest Pokemon-focused Nintendo Direct unveiled the upcoming expansion pass for Pokemon Sword & Shield, which will add new regions, Pokemon, characters, and Legendaries to the game. It was also revealed that you’ll be able to unlock new Gigantamax versions of your starter Pokemon’s final evolution in these expansions, with Rillaboom getting a huge drum set, Cinderace standing atop a ball of flame, and Inteleon picking up a rifle and setting up in a sniper tower.

Yes, that’s right–Inteleon’s getting a gun.

Inteleon, who can learn the move Sniper Shot and has the hidden ability Sniper, was always the Pokemon most likely to pick up a sniper rifle, but it’s still somewhat surprising to see one of Nintendo’s monsters with a gun in hand. One of the top posts on the game’s subreddit right now is titled “So they just straight up gave Inteleon a gun huh?,” mirroring the amusement and confusion many feel about this new character model.

Naturally, fans have taken to Twitter to joke about this weird new piece of design. Here are some of our favorites.

And here’s another, featuring NSFW language.

The Pokemon Sword/Shield expansion pass is available to purchase now, and the first part of it, the Isle of Armor, will arrive in June 2020. The Pokemon Home cloud service is also coming in February.

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