Pokémon Sword and Shield hackers start restoring cut Pokédex monsters

Much has been said about Pokémon Sword and Shield’s limited Pokedex compendium — fans are disappointed, and Game Freak says it has no plans to change the situation. But some players are taking matters into their own hands.

Since release, Pokémon hackers have been tinkering with Sword and Shield’s game files to see what is hiding inside. Apparently, some cut Pokémon are technically contained within the game, even if they’re not currently useable. It’s possible that some of these Pokémon will be released in the future as event goodies.

Other hackers, meanwhile, are using specialized tools to import older models from Pokémon Let’s Go into Sword and Shield. In this case, known hacker @SciresM edited an in-game Yamper to appear as if it were a level 50 Omastar, which isn’t typically available in Sword and Shield.

SciresM says the process took about an hour of work — but that’s not counting the hours that have gone into creating and maintaining the save editor, PKHeX, which makes all of this possible.

“Needs a ton more work, of course, but it’s pretty cool to see it functioning,” SciresM wrote on Twitter. The Omastar model, while useable, is missing some animations that Let’s Go can’t account for, such as those pertaining to the camp activity. The Omastar also doesn’t have legitimate moves or stats. This is more of an early proof of concept than anything else.

The hacker makes it clear that, while simply injecting an older Pokémon into Sword and Shield didn’t take too much time, it will take “lots more work” in order to get it up to snuff with the sorts of things people expect from a real monster. In addition to upscaling the textures, these hacked creatures also need a bevy of new animations, among other things.

“Bringing back old pokemon seems hard but doable to me,” SciresM wrote on Twitter. The hacker plans on helping build the tools necessary to plot out stats for the missing monsters, with the hope that others will pick up issues such as the animations and colors. Given that Pokémon has a long history with hacking, it’s probably a matter of time before players transform Sword and Shield into the games they clamored for in the first place. To wit, modders have also taken the opportunity to “fix” the shoddy trees in Sword and Shield’s Wild Area.

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