Stay Home And Play Animal Crossing, Says Australian Politician

One Australian politician believes he has the solution to the isolation blues, by playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Tim Watts, Labor’s shadow assistant minister for communications and cyber security, posted a short video on Twitter about how people can stay cyber safe and sound during the COVID-19 quarantine.

While he gave out some general advice on remaining safe on the internet, using two factor authentication and being smart about transfering money online for instance, his main point revolved heavily around Nintendo’s island getaway simulator.

Watts recommends Animal Crossing: New Horizons to parents during the lockdown, “I’ve found that the promise of an hour of Animal Crossing after school work has been completed has been great for keeping the kids on task, and parents productive on sane.”

With two kids learning from home himself, Watts recommends the Nintendo Switch system be used as a reward for kids completing school work at home.

It’s certainly a sign of strange times when a politician says something like this with a straight face: “The violence inherent in Tom Nook’s system of indentured servitude remains cleverly obscured at all times.”

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