Stunning Zelda-Themed Switch Case On Sale For $17 Right Now (US)

One of the Nintendo Switch’s most appealing features is its portability, but with such a big screen, it’s at high risk of getting scratched or otherwise damaged if you’re not careful with how you transport it. Whether you’re bringing it with you on a train, plane, bus, or even in a car, having a hard-cover case is essential. There are countless case options out there, but today, we’re spotlighting possibly the most attractive Nintendo Switch case we’ve ever seen: the Hori Alumi case with a gold-and-black Legend of Zelda-inspired design. Normally listed at $25, it’s only $17 on Amazon right now. [Update: Amazon’s listing used to include free one-day shipping for Prime members, but that has since increased to shipping within one to two months. However, the same case is also on sale for $17 at Walmart and Target, where you can get it shipped much quicker.]

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An officially licensed Nintendo product, the Hori Alumi case is heavy-duty and durable, with a smooth, brushed aluminum hard shell to protect your Switch screen from scrapes. The gold accents along the zipper and in the artwork are stunning, and the black-and-gold design continues on the inside as well. The inner case also includes a padded pocket for storing small accessories and up to five game cards.

One drawback of the Hori Alumi case is that it doesn’t have as much storage as some other cases on the market, so if you care about keeping more than five games on you or carrying extra accessories like Joy-Cons or a charger, you may want to consider other options. Its main strengths are its durability, as Hori’s cases are constructed with high-quality aluminum rather than nylon or foam, as well as its eye-catching Zelda design.

In case you’re curious, we’ve gathered a few other Switch cases on sale at Amazon right now, as they include other features such as more game card slots or more storage to carry the dock and controllers (however, that means they’re a bit more bulky to travel with). The Vikena Deluxe Switch Travel Case is a particularly good option as well, as it features storage for the Switch, dock, a Pro controller, a Joy-Con controller grip, AC adapter, 18 game card slots, and more–and it’s over 50% off right now. You can check out that case and other options below.

  • RDS Industries Switch Carrying Case, Black Ballistic Nylon Exterior — $32.23 ($40)
  • Vikena Deluxe Switch Travel Case — $29 ($60)
  • JETech Switch Carrying Case — $10 ($20)
  • AmazonBasics Hard Shell Switch Travel Case — $23 ($26)

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