Tetris 99 getting offline multiplayer in new DLC

Tetris 99, the Tetris battle royale game for Nintendo Switch, appears to be getting a new piece of downloadable content that will enable offline multiplayer. On Nintendo’s Australian website, there’s a listing for a new offline expansion for the Tetris game.

This expansion — currently just called DLC 2 — references a new offline multiplayer mode. In the Big Block DLC released earlier this year, Tetris 99 got two single-player modes with CPU matches and a Marathon leaderboard mode. However, the new DLC will apparently allow for local multiplayer in Tetris 99. “In the second DLC, we plan to add a new mode that lets you play offline with your family and friends,” the add-on’s description reads.

The listing looks very early, and has a placeholder release date of Dec. 31, 2019. There isn’t a price yet, although there is a bundle that includes the Big Block DLC for AU$15. When Nintendo first launched Big Block, it was available individually for $9.99, which will likely be the launch price of DLC 2.

The listing also states that this is not a stand-alone product, and that you’ll need Tetris 99 to play it.

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