Where To Get Bunny Day Eggs In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Bunny Day is Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ first-ever seasonal event, running from April 1 through April 12. It’s an Easter-inspired event, so it’s no surprise that eggs factor heavily into its theme.While the basics are all outlined for you upon meeting Zipper, there are some details you might need to discover on your own. Below, we’ve detailed all six types of eggs and how to obtain each one. We’ve also explained what you’ll need to do with them.

The majority of the eggs require some type of tool, so you’ll want to have some materials on hand. In particular, from my experience, there are a ton of balloons out, so you’ll want to craft at least one slingshot to have on hand at all times so you don’t miss out on any. (If you’ve unlocked Nook’s Cranny, you can buy one from the cabinet in the back-left corner for 900 bells.)

Every Bunny Day Egg And How To Get Them

Speaking with Zipper T. Bunny reveals there are six types of eggs, but he only mentions five ways of obtaining them. Here’s the full list of all six and how to get them.

Egg TypeHow To Obtain
Leaf eggShaking egg trees
Stone eggHitting rocks
Water eggFishing
Sky eggPopping Bunny Day-colored balloons
Earth eggDigging up fossil-style cracks
Wood eggsHitting trees with an axe

Leaf eggs are specifically found in trees with eggs hanging on them, in the same way you’d obtain fruit. While you’re at a tree, make sure to swing your axe (use a stone axe or flimsy axe to avoid chopping down the tree) to chop wood–you’ll occasionally get a wood egg. This is the least apparent of the six types, although a kind villager might clue you in.

Water eggs can be gotten from fishing; you’ll want to target the same fish-shaped silhouettes as usual. Sky eggs drop from popping special Bunny Day-colored balloons with a slingshot (although these presents can also include DIY recipes). Earth eggs are dug up from cracks with a shovel, just like fossils.

Finally, stone eggs are obtained by hitting rocks. To maximize your chances, make sure to use the strategy that involves barricading yourself in. Make sure all eight spaces around the rock are clear, and then dig three holes just beyond one of those open sides. Position yourself in the middle, facing the rock, so that you’re fairly snug between the hole and rock. Then, use your shovel–you should be able to hit the rock eight times without wasting time on repositioning yourself. The rocks you find on Mystery Tour islands (the ones you visit by spending Nook Miles Tickets) can also provide a “whole pile of ’em,” according to a villager–we’re trying to confirm that now, but what we’ve seen suggests these rocks may not work differently than those on your island.

What To Do With Bunny Day Eggs

There are numerous DIY recipes you’ll obtain throughout the event, and they all require eggs as ingredients, so you’ll want to collect as many as you can. By collecting and crafting one of each of the required Bunny Day recipes, Zipper promises a special gift. You can earn recipes by popping the event-specific balloons, opening special message-in-a-bottles on the beach, talking to villagers, and collecting a certain number of each egg type, possibly among other ways.

Bunny Day is fast approaching–hit up our guide on how to prepare for Bunny Day to learn more about getting the most out of this special event. For more on Animal Crossing, check out our guides to hybrid flowers and turnips.

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