You can blast away wasps in Animal Crossing using a party popper

If you’re shaking trees in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you need to be prepared. Most often, that means having your net equipped so that you can turn around and catch the wasps before they can sting you. But, as it turns out, there’s a way better way to prevent wasp stings. Surprisingly, it includes a party popper. Wasps hate parties, I guess!

Here’s how to blast away those wasps using a party popper:

  1. Make sure your party popper is equipped before you begin shaking trees.
  2. Shake trees from the front so that your character automatically turns and faces the wasps once the hive drops.
  3. Wait until your yellow “surprise” reaction finishes and hit A to blast away those bugs.

A Korean-language Animal Crossing: New Horizons tips Twitter account posted the video on Monday. I tested it out — and yep, it works! Positioning is important, as is timing. If you go too early, you won’t blast ’em away. If you go too late … well, you’re getting stung. As you can see in my clip, I had one … misstep … before I was successfully able to party pop the wasps out of my life.

If only I could do this for all of my problems!

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