Ace Combat 7 Is Adding New Aircraft And An Easier Difficulty

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown is going to expand its aerial arsenal with three new aircraft. This new DLC is scheduled for an autumn release, and contains the ASF-X Shinden II, XFA-27, and the CFA-44 Nosferatu planes. All of these have appeared in earlier entries in the franchise.

You can check them out in action in the trailer below. As well as these planes, the DLC will contain new weapons, skins, and emblems–the skins are revealed in the trailer alongside the new aircraft. It’s unclear how much this DLC will cost, and a specific release date has not been announced yet.

At the same time, a free update will unlock a new, easier difficulty level for Ace Combat 7. The new difficulty is called “Casual Easy,” and is designed as an entry point for players who struggle with the harsher elements of Ace Combat.

What this new mode will entail remains to be seen, but Ace Combat 7 features fairly harsh checkpointing in its campaign. As Edmond Tran noted in GameSpot’s 8/10 review, “Checkpoints typically only occur only at the halfway point of a mission, and it’s common to get 20 minutes into a battle before failing to hit an objective and having to start from the very beginning. This can get frustrating in the tail end of the campaign, where threats are more abundant and more relentless and the overall demands are higher.”

If you are curious about Ace Combat 7 and have an Xbox One, it’s available through Xbox Game Pass.

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