Apex Legends Season 4's Biggest Map Change Is Very Dangerous

Apex Legends Season 4 just launched on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, bringing with it a new battle pass, the Sentinel sniper rifle, new playable character Revenant, and a host of World’s End map changes. We’ve got you covered with everything new in Season 4: Assimilation, but there’s one such change that’s already proving to be a particularly dangerous hazard for some teams.

The new Planet Harvester was dropped into Apex Legends’ map as part of the new season by the sinister in-game corporation, Hammond Robotics. These guys are like the de facto villains of the Titanfall universe, having backed the evil IMC in Titanfall 2. Their Planet Harvester is currently tearing up a portion of the World’s End map and blasting all of its harvested resources into the sky using a giant energy beam. Now, you might surmise that flying directly into this ominous beam of light would be lethal, and you would be right. But some players had to find this out the hard way.

As it turns out, flying directly into the energy beam will result in instant death. Funny? Yes. But considering you’re not always in control of when your team hops out of the drop ship, this will no doubt be a prime method for some obnoxious griefing. Although you’re not entirely safe when staying inside the drop ship either.

If the path of the drop ship takes you directly over the energy beam, it will kill everyone still strapped into their seats. This one seems more like a bug than anything else, or maybe Respawn is just nefarious enough to want to shake things up a bit by forcing teams to evacuate before they meet their demise. Either way, the Planet Harvester adds an unexpected new wrinkle to Apex Legends’ map.

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