Call Of Duty's Favorite Dog, Riley, Is Coming To Modern Warfare In Season 3 Update

Call of Duty’s goodest boy, Riley the dog from Call of Duty: Ghosts, is coming to Modern Warfare. Activision has announced that the fan-favorite Call of Duty dog will be added to Modern Warfare through the upcoming Season 3 update, but there is a catch.

You need to buy the Season 3 Battle Pass to unlock Riley. People who buy the pass will get Riley in the form of a new finishing move where Riley will probably attack and kill your enemy. This will be the second dog-themed murdering move in Modern Warfare, as the Operator Talon has a dog of his own named Indiana that also bites and kills people as part of a brutal finishing move.

For those who don’t remember, Riley become an instant internet sensation when he was announced for Ghosts during the Xbox One reveal event in May 2013. Developer Infinity Ward tossed up whether or not to kill the dog in the story mode, but thankfully they did not. Riley sustained a bullet wound, but he survived, and now he’s coming to Modern Warfare very soon.

For Ghosts, a German Shepherd named Ruger and a Belgian Malinois called Rico were used for Riley’s motion-capture performance, but presumably Infinity Ward used a different dog for Modern Warfare.

Modern Warfare’s Season 3 introduces a lot of new free content for Modern Warfare and Warzone that players can unlock by progressing through the new Battle Pass or by purchasing new content outright. There are also new multiplayer maps and a new Operator, Alex, from the Modern Warfare campaign. The free-to-play Warzone battle royale mode, meanwhile, introduces a new Quads mode.

Season 3 Update Launch Time

  • April 7 at 11 PM PT / April 8 at 2 AM ET / April 8 at 7 AM UK / April 8 at 4 PM AEDT

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