Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2020: Heir Apparent, On Your Laurels, And How The Event Works

As part of the ongoing Season of the Worthy, Bungie has kicked off Destiny 2’s first-ever Guardian Games–an event seemingly inspired by a mixture of the real-life Olympics and Destiny’s Faction Rallies. In it, players of each class will compete with each other to decide (for now) who is best among Titans, Hunters, and Warlocks. Along the way, you can earn a variety of rewards, the most tantalizing of which is a new Exotic machine gun called Heir Apparent. Here’s how to get it and what you need to know about the event, the On Your Laurels quest, and more.

How To Get Heir Apparent

Eva Levante at the Tower serves as the primary vendor and hub for Guardian Games, and you’ll immediately see Heir Apparent in her list of available gear for “sale.” However, you can’t buy the Exotic outright; you’ll first need to complete the Class Act triumph. This calls for you to complete any seven Guardian Games 2020 triumphs, of which there are 12 total (including Class Act and Star Athlete, the latter of which asks you to complete all 11 others).

The other triumphs largely consist of taking part in the event, as we’ll explore below. You’ll need to redeem medals, kill enemies with abilities in Vanguard Strikes or Nightfalls, earn points by completing Guardian Games bounties, redeem gold medals, and so on. The triumphs are spread across generic goals that can be completed in any activity, and those that require specific types of Strikes or participation in either Gambit or Crucible. As a result, you’ll need to take part in an array of activities–you won’t be able to grind out everything in one activity type.

After finishing any seven triumphs, simply complete Class Act by selecting it in your Triumphs screen (these are all located on the Events page of the Seasonal section) and then head to Eva to pick up Heir Apparent–you won’t get it automatically. Heir Apparent features the Heavy Slug Thrower trait, which requires you to spin up the weapon before it can before. If you’re at full health, spinning up the gun provides an arc shield.

How Guardian Games, Laurels, And Medals Work

To kick off the event, speak with Eva at the Tower–she’s located right in front of the main landing zone. She’ll have you speak with a few other NPCs, including the Drifter, to get you a class item and walk you through the process of depositing medals, which works a lot like banking motes in Gambit. The class item features the Spirit of Competition perk, granting bonus glimmer and XP when completing certain types of activities during Guardian Games 2020: Crucible matches, Gambit matches, Vanguard Strikes, patrols, adventures, and forges.

Once you’ve “registered” your class item, you’ll get the A Classy Challenge questline, the first component of which is the On Your Laurels quest. This involves earning points by collecting laurels–essentially motes that drop when players secure final blows with Supers, grenades, and charged melee abilities. These are collected off the ground like motes, and the color will be dictated by the class of the player who generated it. You’ll receive three points per laurel from a player of your class, while others will net you just one point. The quest reward is a ghost shell, with three available: the Rival Warlock Shell, Rival Titan Shell, or Rival Hunter Shell.

Eva offers weekly and daily bounties that work much like the standard ones you’d expect to get from most vendors. But she also has medals for sale, which are essentially quests that pay out class progress and rewards packages (in bronze, silver, and gold tiers). When you finish one of these, you bank the medal at the setup just behind Eva at the Tower. Doing so contributes to your class’s collective progress, with all Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters each working toward one goal.

You’ll get daily rewards packages, the quality of which is dictated by how well and your fellow class members perform. Special “metallic” class items will be available during the event, with their bronze, silver, or gold status determined by your class’s progress. At the end of the event, a winner will be announced and commemorated for the remainder of the year.

What Guardian Games Rewards Are Available?

The aforementioned Heir Apparent is the big prize up for grabs, but there are also ghost shells to be obtained through Eva’s quests, and shaders and emblems to earn through specific triumphs. Beyond the gear and items you’ll earn by playing, Eververse is home to new items: these include ships, sparrows, emotes, armor ornaments, and more.

Guardian Games Dates

Guardian Games is now live, following the release of the new 2.8.1 update. It ends on May 11.

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