Destiny 2 Riven Dawning Gift Guide: How To Give Cookies To The Raid Boss

The holidays might be over, but Destiny 2’s holiday event, The Dawning, is still in swing for another week. The event sends you around the solar system to bake and deliver treats in order to complete bounties for double experience and, ultimately, to fix up a special holiday sparrow. The Dawning this year adds more characters to your treat delivery rotation, including a few villainous characters–like Riven of a Thousand Voices, the final boss of the Last Wish raid. If you’re still figuring out how to create all the confections, check out our complete Destiny 2 Dawning recipe guide.

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At first, the prospect of delivering something to Riven might sound daunting. In most cases, the only way to reach a raid boss is to actually complete a raid, which requires six players and a whole lot of coordination and skill. With the Last Wish raid, however, things are a bit easier. You don’t need to fight through the other encounters of the raid in order to reach Riven thanks to the Wishing Wall.

To get to Riven, spawn into the Last Wish raid on the Director map for the Dreaming City. After you enter the first room and listen to Riven’s monologue, head through the hole in the left wall until you reach the Kalli encounter. Instead of dropping down to where Kalli waits, jump across the pool to the left to find a path of ledges you can climb up to a hidden room that houses the Wishing Wall. You want to shoot the emblems on the wall to create a specific pattern: the Seventh Wish. Here’s what it looks like.

Once you enter the right combination, step onto the circular plate on the ground to get teleported to the encounter with Riven. When you arrive, head over to the circle plate to the right and stand on it to get sent downward to the actual fight with Riven. When you arrive, you’ll see a small blue snowflake-like projection on the floor near Riven’s feet. Activate it and you can deliver the cookie–and you’re free to head back to orbit before things get intense.

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