Everyone’s getting a chance to try World of Warcraft Classic during a stress test

World of Warcraft Classic is only in closed beta right now, but that’s about to change, at least for one day. On Monday, Blizzard announced that everyone in the Americas and Oceania with a current World of Warcraft subscription is going to get the chance to try out Classic on June 19.

The developer is temporarily opening the game up to every single WoW subscriber in order to give Classic’s servers a serious stress test. While Blizzard has slowly been letting more and more players in to test the game and help uncover bugs, there still hasn’t been a massive group of players on at the same time, something the test will aim to fix. Since this is a stress test, it’s entirely possible that players could run into some issues when they attempt to log into Classic, but that’s the whole point.

The test is intended to help make Classic’s official release on Aug. 27 as smooth as possible. Since WoW Classic is a pretty big game and Blizzard wants as many people as possible on for the test, the developer is allowing players to pre-download Classic starting on June 18. To download the game and to participate in the test, all you’ll need is a World of Warcraft account with an active subscription.

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