Gears 5 Boss Responds To Concerns About Microtransactions

Microsoft’s newest big-time exclusive, Gears 5, released in September and it enjoyed a record-breaking release. However, not everyone is happy with the game, with some voicing concerns over its microtransactions and in-game economy. Now, the head of Gears 5 studio The Coalition has responded.

Responding to someone who voiced concerns about the prices of items and the grinding it takes to earn them without spending money, Fergusson said the in-game economy is a work in progress. Fergusson pointed out that Gears 5 has a “completely different” economy compared to Gears of War 4 because the new game gives away its new DLC maps and more for free.

“We’re learning as we go,” he said. “This is a completely different economy from Gears 4 (removed Gear packs) so it will take a little time to work through any issues. Our first attempt is not our last and we will continue to evolve until we get it right.”

In another tweet, Fergusson said Gears 5 offers “way more” free content than Gears of War 4, and the developer is planning to release even more free extra content down the road. Some of the upcoming free DLC will include more maps, characters, and skins.

“We’re learning and improving as we go. There’s no magic wand here. Even small changes take time to create content and design skills and Ultimates,” Fergusson said in yet another tweet.

Gears 5’s in-game virtual currency is called Iron, and players can buy it in various allotments with corresponding prices. The Iron can be spent on things like XP boosts for 1-30 days, World Flags for player cards, weapon skins, emotes, marks, executions, and more. Gears 5 adopts a Fortnite-style rotating system whereby certain items are only available for a limited time, which in turn encourages players to buy the content before it leaves the store.

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