GTA 5 Online Free $1 Million Bonus And Double Rewards Available Now

Grand Theft Auto V Online is celebrating another anniversary, and that means extra rewards if you play during the celebration period. Simply logging in by October 2 will net you $1 million in-game currency, to be deposited in your Maze Bank account by October 9. Another freebie is the Declasse Logo White Tee, yours for the taking by playing online.

If that isn’t enough, you can get double rewards on all Survival Series events through that period. This comes along with the release of seven new Survival challenges, like fighting off a Ballas attack on Grove Street or fighting Juggernauts in the Nuclear Bunker.

You can also score 2X GTA$ and RP on Mobile Operations missions. Meanwhile, Mobile Operation Centers will be 40% off so you can get it for a song. A variety of Declasse vehicles, Benny’s upgrades, and weapons are 40% off too.

This comes alongside some other regular rotational events. The Diamond Casino and Resort still offers a free daily spin, and the top prize this week is the roadster Declasse Mamba. The Casino Store is also offering a new refreshed selection of clothing and accessories.

And while you’re celebrating the anniversary, you can always get really drunk (in the game) and go on a secret mission to increase your inventory by retracing the steps of your drunken stupor (again, in the game).

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