Halo Infinite Preorders Are Live, Including A Discounted Bundle

Halo Infinite is arguably the most-anticipated game in Microsoft’s next-gen lineup. Unfortunately, it won’t arrive in time for the Xbox Series X’s launch. Microsoft pushed Halo Infinite back from its planned holiday launch to a currently unannounced date in 2021 for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. While disappointing, 343 Industries now has more time to get the next entry in the flagship FPS franchise into its best possible form. Even though we don’t know its exact release date, you can already preorder Halo Infinite at multiple retailers, and Best Buy even has a cool bundle with a statue and steelbook case.

As a first-party Microsoft game, Halo Infinite will also be available on day one for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. That said, if you prefer to own a physical copy of your games, you have multiple preorder options. Considering the history of Halo releases, we wouldn’t be surprised to see various Halo Infinite collector’s editions pop up in the coming months.

Game Pass Ultimate

New subscribers can get their first month for $1.

Preorder Halo Infinite standard edition


Halo Infinite’s standard edition is available to preorder at multiple retailers in both physical and digital formats. If you’re looking for a physical edition, Best Buy and Walmart are both taking preorders. The disc will work on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Meanwhile, digital copies (compatible with Xbox and PC) are available at Best Buy. The Xbox Store and Steam both have placeholder listings, but preorders aren’t live at either digital storefront yet.

Preorder Halo Infinite With Master Chief Statue + Steelbook Case

$105 (was $130)

Best Buy has an exclusive Halo Infinite standard edition bundle that comes with a Master Chief PVC statue and steelbook case. The list price is $130, but Best Buy is currently selling preorders for $105. Since the statue is sold separately for $60 as well, this bundle will save you money overall. Best Buy hasn’t shown off the case yet, but the retailer is known for having some pretty cool exclusive steelbooks.

Developer 343 Industries showed off Halo Infinite’s campaign during a July showcase, giving us our first real look at gameplay. Prior to the showcase, Halo Infinite had mostly been teased with vague–though cool–cinematic trailers. Halo Infinite’s box art nods back to Halo: Combat Evolved’s cover, which might not mean much, but is pretty cool nonetheless.

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