Halo Infinite season 2 maps give off classic Halo vibes in first preview video

Halo Infinite players will soon have a couple of new multiplayer maps to compete on when season 2 launches on May 3. The game is getting new maps as part of its upcoming season 2 update, and developer 343 Industries gave fans their first look at the new battlefields with a preview video on Friday.

One of the maps is an Arena map known as Catalyst. It’s a Forerunner structure with faded silver everywhere, various ramps leading to different heights, hardlight bridges, and plenty of hallways to meet and fight your opponents. It’s exactly what you expect out of a classic Halo map. 343 says that Catalyst is symmetrical and was inspired by Halo 3’s Epitaph map.

Breaker will be for Halo Infinite’s Big Team Battle mode, which means that it’s a whole lot larger than Catalyst. Breaker takes place in a desert with two massive fortresses for teams to use as their home bases. 343 says that the map is particularly great for Capture the Flag, thanks to its center lane that offers snipers optimal site lines and the huge pit in the middle that you can jump a Warthog over … as long as you avoid the giant laser that guards it.

Both maps look to bring different environments than what Halo Infinite has to offer so far, which should provide a nice change of pace for the community. The season 2 update will be Halo Infinite’s first major content addition since it launched late last year. While season 2 is set to add new multiplayer content, other additions like Forge and campaign co-op won’t be added until a later update.

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