Hey Look, Death Stranding PC Got A Steam And Epic Store Page Already

At long last, Death Stranding has been released on PS4, marking the end of years of anticipation for Hideo Kojima’s first game following his split with Konami. Just ahead of its PS4 launch, the rumored PC version was confirmed for release next year. If you’d rather explore the post-apocalypse on PC, the game is now available for pre-order on both Steam and the Epic Games Store.

The PC version isn’t coming until Summer 2020, and no exact release date has been set. While the PS4 version is being published by Sony, the PC version is being handled by 505 Games. The initial PC announcement didn’t detail which storefronts it would be available on, so with today’s pre-orders open we now know that it’s coming to Steam and EGS, if not more marketplaces. Unlike some recent games, which have launched exclusively first on Epic before coming to Steam, Death Stranding will release simultaneously on both stores whenever it does arrive.

If you are setting off on your journey today, be sure to check out our wide wealth of guides, including beginner’s tips. You also may want to keep a close eye on your save files for the game, which have a tendency to balloon on PS4. It’s a pretty long game, too, so be prepared to stay in the apocalypse for a while.

“Death Stranding is a hard game to absorb,” Kallie Plagge wrote in GameSpot’s review. “There are many intertwining threads to its plot, and silly names, corny moments, and heavy exposition belie an otherwise very simple message. That comes through much more clearly in the game’s more mundane moments, when you find a desperately-needed ladder left behind by another player or receive a letter from an NPC thanking you for your efforts. It’s positive without ignoring pain; in fact, it argues in both its story and its gameplay that adversity itself is what makes things worth doing and life worth living. It’s a game that requires patience, compassion, and love, and it’s also one we really need right now.”

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