Marvel's Avengers "Earth's Mightiest" Collector's Edition Announced At NYCC

At New York Comic Con, Marvel Games announced a special edition for the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game from Crystal Dynamics. Called the “Earth’s Mightiest” Edition, it comes with collectibles signifying all five major Avengers characters, noting that each item was “inspired by actual in-game events and items.”

The image shown on-screen includes a statue of Captain America, Black Widow insignia, Hulk bobblehead, Thor’s hammer Mjolnir keychain, and Iron Man blueprints, representing the five main playable characters. It also includes an Avengers emblem, and a photo of the five assembled Avengers with a young Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel.

The inclusion of Kamala is an important touch, because she’s a big part of the story. The photo is taken from her visit to A-Day, where the game kicks off with some tragic events. But the incident also results in giving her powers, and as we also learned at the panel, she’s a playable character. Given that the A-Day incident appears to disillusion some of the Avengers, Ms. Marvel may just be the perfect person to revive their heroism again. Plus, in the comics, Kamala is herself a big fan of superheroes.

More details on the Earth’s Mightiest Edition, including a price, were not disclosed during the panel. Marvel’s Avengers is coming on May 15, 2020. The panel also revealed a release date for the PS VR game Iron Man VR.

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