New Jet Set Radio-Inspired Game Announced From Lethal League Studio

It’s been 20 years since the release of the Dreamcast cult classic Jet Set Radio, and fans are still waiting for Sega to do something with the license besides sit on it like Billy Hatcher with his egg. The studio behind Lethal League is the latest indie outfit to unveil an indie-fied unofficial follow-up to 2002’s Jet Set Radio Future, and it looks slicker than most. Titled Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, the trailer features the cel-shading rollerblading that you’d expect, along with a big helping of graffiti.

Team Reptile has made no attempts to hide its Jet Set Radio fandom. After all, the artstyle of Lethal League and its sequel Blaze bears a certain resemblance to the bright, busy aesthetics of JSR, as well as featuring a similar electrofunk soundtrack. Blaze featured a track from Hideki Naganuma, the composer behind many of the most beloved songs in both JSR and its follow-up JSRF.

As true JSR heads know, this is far from the first project to attempt to revive the spirit of the GG’s. 2015’s Hover was one of the first, as well as Neon Tail, which is still in Early Access. (Naganuma even contributed to the Hover soundtrack.) Given the Lethal League pedigree, perhaps Team Reptile will be able to do something new with the inline skating concept other than stoking nostalgia for a beloved (albeit very dead) franchise.

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