New Rainbow Six Siege Operators Teased

Ubisoft has released the first tease for Rainbow Six Siege’s two new Operators. The gif, which you can see below, is difficult to make out, and that appears to be a deliberate move from the publisher, which captioned the video, “Look carefully… what do you see?”

From what can be gleaned, the two figures appear to be hooded, with one wielding some form of… electricity orb? We’re not entirely sure. Let us know what you see in the comments below.

Ubisoft typically ties its Siege reveals into the game’s esports scene, and with the pro league finals being held in Milan on May 18-19, we hopefully don’t have too long to wait until we hear more about these new Operators and the upcoming Year 4, Season 2.

The most recent Operators, Mozzie and Gridlock, were revealed in February along with a new map named Outback. More recently, Ubisoft introduced reverse friendly fire as an attempt to curb teamkilling in Siege.

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