Payday 3 Is Being Worked On Again, But It Won't Be Out Soon

Payday 3, a sequel to Payday 2 that was first announced back in May 2016, is still in the works. There was reason to believe that the game might have been quietly cancelled, amid issues faced by publisher and developer Starbreeze, but it seems that this is not the case.

In 2018 Starbreeze faced some major financial hardships, with their offices raided following accusations of insider trading. The company’s The Walking Dead game underperformed, as well. Production on Payday 3 had begun in early 2017, but Starbreeze was public about its struggles, and the difficulties it faced in keeping the company running.

In late 2019, the developer announced that work would continue on Payday 2 in an attempt to recoup some money, and earlier this year the publisher said that the game was still earning money, despite releasing back in 2013.

Now, the official Payday 2 Twitter account has announced that Payday 3 is being worked on again. It’s being developed in the Unreal Engine, and is still in the design phase, meaning that it’s likely going to be quite a while until we see the game released. Systems are not confirmed, but Payday 2 is a strong performer on PC.

Although this information isn’t much to go on, it’s confirmation that the game has not been canceled, and is actively being worked on.

Hopefully there will be more news about Payday 3 in 2021, even if the game is unlikely to release next year.

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