PS5 Game Godfall's New Footage Shows Another Look At The Next Generation

Godfall is one of the first confirmed games for the next generation of consoles, coming to PlayStation 5 and PC from Gearbox. Being a banner-holder for next-gen means that a lot of attention is being paid to its visuals, and a recent video leak gave us a nice (albeit brief) of the game. Now a much longer video is circulating.

The new video features some some detailed looks at the hero character models, along with a closer look at combat, lighting effects, and monstrous enemies. Just like the last purported leak, the video is unconfirmed, so the game’s proper debut may look significantly different.

Godfall was initially announced during The Game Awards, along with the first announced title for Xbox Series X, Hellblade 2. Both next-gen games are targeting their console release alongside PC, but Microsoft has said that for the first few years of Series X, all of its first-party games will come out on Xbox One as well. That rule doesn’t necessarily apply to third-party games, though, so a developer like Gearbox could make something exclusively for Xbox Series X.

We may see more of Godfall in an official capacity when Sony officially debuts the PlayStation 5, which could happen sometime soon. We know for certain where it won’t happen, though. Sony has announced it will be skipping E3 2020, in an arguably smart and savvy move.

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