Sea of Thieves gets a sorely needed and charming tutorial

Sea of Thieves is a fantastic open-world, rules-light pirate game, but since launch, the game has badly needed a tutorial. Playing with friends always required me to hold a bit of a seminar on how to use equipment, check maps, and repair a ship. Now, Rare has added a tutorial that covers all of the above in spades.

A Maiden Voyage will now be available to new players. The mode shares a little bit of story with the player regarding the Sea of Thieves and the Pirate Lord, which is helpful to know before the game’s Tall Tales quests. The tutorial also has players fight a skeleton, dig up chests, catch chickens, and sail their sloop for the first time.

Any player can complete the Maiden Voyage at any time from the main menu, in case you want to brush up on your mechanics after a long break from the game.

Sea of Thieves has grown quite a bit since launch, and this feature is great for solo players or those playing with pick-up groups. While the game’s community tends to be welcoming, it’s never nice to be out at sea with no clue on where to turn.

The newest event for Sea of Thieves, a Christmas-themed Festival of Giving, has just gone live. The game’s anniversary update added a campaign of quests to the game, as well as a PVP mode called The Arena.

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