Steam’s ‘spring cleaning’ event gives your backlog some love

Steam sales have become notorious events, with players often joking about buying games on sale they’ll never actually play. Steam’s spring cleaning weekend promotion moves in the other direction by encouraging players to go back to games they already own.

The event, which kicked off today and runs through May 28, offers new badges for your Steam profile which can be unlocked or upgraded by completing daily tasks or projects. Projects only need to be completed once, and persist throughout the weekend. Tasks update every day.

Today, my tasks are to play one of the titles that have been made free to play during the event. Here is the full list of games you can play for free during the event:

  • Dead by Daylight
  • Endless Space 2
  • Grim Dawn
  • Don’t Starve Together
  • Black Desert Online
  • Left 4 Dead 2
  • Assetto Corsa


Steam also selected some random games from my library for me to play, bringing titles I had forgotten about back into the light. Steam even challenges me to play a game that I own but haven’t started yet, which is a great reminder that I need to play Dishonored 2.

As for the projects, there are some clever challenges to tackle. “Nostalgia” can be completed by playing a game that I have over two hours in, but haven’t picked up in a while. Playing a game I purchased within the last six months triggers the “Can’t Wait” achievement, and there’s even a project to play the first game I ever added to my Steam account. That challenge will be updated to ask players to go back to the second game added to their Steam account if they fulfilled the challenge last year.

This is a neat excuse to dive back into some games you already own rather than buy new ones you might not find time to play.

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