Temtem Patch Introduces A New Zone Inspired By A Pokemon Red/Blue Feature

Temtem, the early-access PC Pokemon-style MMO, has recently received a major update that expands the endgame. Update 0.5.12 introduces a new arena, the Saipark, which operates a lot like the iconic Safari Zone in the original Pokemon games, Red and Blue. The Safari Zone let you wander around and capture Pokemon without battling them, many of which could only be found within the zone’s boundaries. Temtem now has a similarly special place that is a bit different from the rest of the game.

The Saipark, which is available to endgame players, is a natural reserve that will house two different species of Temtem each week. These creatures will have special features–they have a higher chance of being Luma, or might have egg moves or guaranteed minimum SVs.

Players will need to buy special Temcards for the park, called Saicards. These will expire by the end of the week, and only work within the park. There’s a fee involved in entering the park, and each time they buy cards over the week the price will go up. It’s a good way for players who have put a lot of time into Temtem to capture some interesting critters.

A Player’s Vault has also been added to the game, which can be access from a big Temporium and can be used for additional storage. You can keep your items in the vault between resets, and items redeemed through promo codes will now go directly in there.

Many other changes were introduced in the patch, too–here’s the full list.


  • Stat stage modifiers have been reworked to speed up the animations. Instead of having an animation per stat change, all stat changes for a Temtem are now unified in the same animation.
  • The Pick&Ban screen now maintains the proper color based on which player is the first (blue) and which one is the second (orange). Previous to this change, every player would see themselves with the color of the first player.
  • The Competitive battle screen now displays the speed arrow holder.
  • The Battle screen will now display separately the Temcards for each player while they are on a co-op party.


  • Reduced overall Luma rate from 1 / 6000 to 1 / 8000.
  • Reduced the overall selling price of items from 70% to 50% of their value. Sellable-only items are not affected by this change (silicons, crystals, and sea salts).
  • Telomere Hacks will now reduce the affected Temtem fertility by 1 (if the Temtem doesn’t have any fertility left, the SV addition will be applied anyway and the fertility reduction will be ignored).
  • Swapped some of the tint items that could be found as pickables for other more useful items during the campaign.


  • Fixed being able to get out of the Quetzal’s Dojo puzzle.
  • Fixed several co-op stuck situations in battles.
  • Fixed getting stuck in the prison quest while on co-op after a disband.
  • Fixed quest not progressing after picking items while on a co-op party (or after the party is disbanded).
  • Fixed not being able to see the actions for the co-op partner while having severe lag.
  • Fixed a visual bug in the stamina bar when quickly hovering a technique before using it.
  • Fixed players seeing their friends with their old cosmetic items after a reset.
  • Fixed getting stuck inside tables after disconnecting while seated near it.
  • Fixed getting stuck while reading a dialog and your co-op partner disbanding.
  • Fixed getting stuck in Omninesia’s Lift after a player disbands the co-op party.
  • Fixed (hopefully) character reset not properly working and leaving players with an empty character and getting stuck in some interactions (getting a starter, going into a battle…).
  • Fixed incorrect camera angle after knocking-out a Temtem with Haito Uchi.
  • Fixed incorrect behavior when releasing a Temtem and capturing a new one in the same turn.
  • Fixed getting stuck behind some NPCs.
  • Fixed Raican’s Prideful trait triggering only once when knocking-out two Temtem at the same time.
  • Fixed Coat’s missing icon.

Temtem had a slightly rocky launch, but its initial issues have largely been resolved. It’s an interesting game–and one that Pokemon could learn some things from.

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