Upgrade your PC's style with NZXT's H700 case for $105, a $45 discount

Anyone looking to build their next PC should take a look at Newegg Flash for a fantastic deal on a mid-tower case. Newegg’s short term deal site is selling the NZXT H700 for $105Remove non-product link. That’s $45 cheaper than its $150 MSRP, and well below the $140 you’ll often find it going for.

We reviewed the tiny NZXT H500i in May 2018 and absolutely loved it. The H700 is essentially a larger version of that case. The NZXT H500i measures around 18 inches high, while the H700 is 20.31. The H700 is also a little wider and significantly deeper at 19.45 inches vs 12.24 inches.

That means you’ve got tons of room for a full ATX motherboard or an EATX board if you’re feeling frisky–the H500 does not support the latter. The H700 is also a fantastic choice if you’ve got plans for a water cooling solution with a radiator of up to 280mm in size. It also has an extra top fan mount. For ports, the NZXT H700 offers four USB (two USB 3.1 Gen 1 and two USB 2.0) up top, and the usual audio ports and power button.

Other than size, the two cases are very similar, though this is the non-“i” version of the H700, meaning it doesn’t come with the built-in fan controller and RGB strips. It does offer NZXT’s recognizable cable management bar, and a tempered glass side panel. The H700 doesn’t have that same glass design with the slotted fitting and captive screw that we see on the H500i. Instead, it has a full glass side panel, with a small lip at the bottom to help prevent it from crashing out of the case when you release the screws.

This is a fantastic looking case with superb cable-hiding features built in, and right now it’s available for the same price as its more diminutive cousin, the H500i. If you’ve been looking to add some pizzazz to your PC, don’t miss out.

[Today’s deal: NZXT H700 for $105 at NeweggFlash.Remove non-product link]

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