Valorant Devs Give Update On How Vanguard Anti-Cheat Will Work Post-Release

Riot’s new team-based shooter Valorant is nearing the end of its beta, with only a few days of downtime before its full release. A new blog post from Riot has discussed this transition, and what differences beta players will find upon release–most notably with its Vanguard anti-cheat system.

When developing its new online FPS, Riot chose to take a hard stance on cheaters and griefers, with the cornerstone of this decision being the launch of its own proprietary anti-cheat software. When the closed beta of Valorant released with this software, Vanguard, it immediately caused concern among players for being far too aggressive in blocking drivers–even when the game wasn’t active.

Thanks to the closed beta, Vanguard’s powers have been scaled back, but one big change is in the works when it moves to full release. For the duration of the beta, while Vanguard was used to identify cheaters, those reports were still manually reviewed and ban decisions made by a human team (with this process still resulting in thousands of bans).

With the full release, and the much larger player base it will bring, Vanguard will now be handed the ability to ban without human oversight. “Come launch, we will be more aggressive, widespread, and automated in our ability to detect and ban cheaters,” the blog post reads.

Valorant will launch on June 2 on PC. Check here to see if your PC meets minimum requirements.

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