Assassin’s Creed Valhalla to support cross-platform progression

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and other upcoming Ubisoft titles will support cross-platform progression at launch, thanks to the new Ubisoft Connect platform, the company announced this week. This means players will be able to move their saves around instead of restarting from the beginning if they change to a different platform.

On Wednesday, Ubisoft announced the death and rebirth of its Uplay and Ubisoft Club platforms as Ubisoft Connect. The new platform will launch alongside Watch Dogs: Legion on Oct. 29, and will be available on both next-gen consoles at or shortly after launch.

While Ubisoft Connect will include Uplay’s usual reward structure, its biggest addition is that of cross-progression. Ubisoft Connect will allow players to take save files from Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Immortals Fenyx Rising, and Riders Republic — as well as future Ubisoft games — on one platform and transfer them to another device.

“It is also a time of transition to a next generation of consoles, and thanks to Ubisoft Connect our players will have access to cross-progression across devices in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Immortals Fenyx Rising and Riders Republic, and we intend to support crossplay and cross-progression as standard in as many future titles as possible,” said Stephanie Perotti, vice president of online services at Ubisoft, in an interview with the Ubisoft blog.

Many of Ubisoft’s games are comically long, especially the recent Assassin’s Creed titles. This new cross-progression system allows players to dip their toe into the wider world of Valhalla before upgrading to a next-gen console — either at launch, this holiday, or further down the line — and maintain their progress when they do. It’s currently unclear if this feature is only for a single console family (e.g., PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5) or if it extends across all platforms. We’ve reached out to Ubisoft and will update this story if we hear back.

Ubisoft will launch Ubisoft Connect on Nov. 10 for Xbox Series X and on Nov. 15 for PS5. Oddly, that’s three days after the PlayStation 5’s debut. We’ve reached out to Ubisoft to clarify whether Valhalla will feature cross-platform play on launch day, despite the timing of Ubisoft Connect’s launch on the PS5; a tweet from the Assassin’s Creed account suggests it will.

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