Behold this ultra-realistic breakfast made in Dreams

Media Molecule’s Dreams, a PlayStation 4 game creation system that allows you to make your own experiences, is known for people making some unique games using the platform. It’s now been proven that you can use it to make a delicious (but inedible) breakfast.

Media Molecule senior principal designer John Beech has put together a beautiful breakfast, called the “Full Beech Breakfast.” It has sunny side up eggs, some sausages, ham, toast, beans, mushrooms, and even condiments around the dish to complement the meal.

The imp, which serves as the platforms’ cursor to help create games and objects, can be seen hanging out on the breakfast, too. Its cartoony vibe really contracts the detailed and delicious breakfast.

There isn’t anything playable in this beautiful creation, but its detail just shows that you can truly create whatever you want in Dreams.


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Dreams will release on PlayStation 4 for $39.99 on Feb. 14.

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