Bungie previews upcoming Destiny 2 nerfs to Striker and Dawnblade Supers

In the Bungie weekly blog post from Oct. 17, Bungie previewed some upcoming changes to Destiny 2. The two main problem points the studio aims to address are Supers that refund their own energy, and some Armor 2.0 rigidness.

Both Titan’s Code of the Juggernaut Striker class and Warlock’s Attunement of Flame Dawnblade class currently refund Super energy after a kill. This means good players can use their most powerful abilities far longer than intended. Bungie is reducing the rate of refund on these Supers. Guardians can still extend the ability’s duration by killing enemies, but it won’t be as effective as it is currently in the game.

The studio also has some quality of life changes in mind for Supers — especially around the Crucible. Bungie is adding separate icons for each of the Super variations in the Crucible, so enemy players can tell what abilities their enemies actually have equipped. Currently, only the generic subclass icon shows in all PvP modes, so players aren’t sure if the enemy Guardians are using Blade Barrage or Golden Gun, for example.


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Bungie also revealed some key changes coming to the new Armor 2.0 system, where players can customize their armor pieces with powerful abilities. When next season starts, Bungie will add new mods to the general armor pool, so players can better customize their Guardian no matter the armor type they wear. These mods specifically focus on ammo finder and scavenger perks, making the system less restrictive for all.

Next season, players can also stack multiple mods together for greater effectiveness. Bungie gave the example of reloader perks that drastically increase reload speed. Players who want to reload their hand cannons quickly may want to stack two Hand Cannon Loader mods instead of one. Two mods grant the same reload speed as a single Enhanced Hand Cannon Loader mod, but with the downside of taking up two armor slots.

Finally, coming in the patch later this month, Bungie is adding Armor 2.0 mods to the Collection. This way, players can see which mods they have and haven’t unlocked yet, and which sockets each of them fit into.

Bungie plans to deploy patch 2.6.1 on Oct. 29, the same day it launches Destiny 2: Shadowkeep’s new dungeon and the Xenophage Exotic quest.

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